Home school and growing your own

Taylor and I (Mum) have been doing home school since April 2016, we started this journey because we felt that going between the UK and Portugal made it difficult to be at school consistently and would be too unsettling for him.
Home school enables us to fully make use of time outside of his academic learning and allows us to follow his interests and development on a daily basis. Being blessed with such beautiful Portuguese weather we are continuously outdoors discovering new things and inspiring his learning further!
picture of being home schooled in the sun
We are lucky enough to be staying just outside of Lagos in the countryside on a small holding and have access to around 7 hectares of land to explore, not to mention the surrounding area too.
Only yesterday Mike and Taylor helped to cut down a huge flower from one of the many varieties of cactus, which we later found out only flowers around once in ten years. This lead on to them starting up the tractor and ploughing an area of land for planting vegetables.

picture of taylor driving a tractor
picture of taylor ploughed field
Taylor has already kindly been given his own small plot of garden and has been taken to Lagos market with Mary and Tony (the owners) to buy seedlings which he then planted and now needs to look after, we will eventually be able eat them!
picture of taylors garden
picture of taylor watering his garden
Home schooling also allows for Taylor and Mikes love of surfing, so if the swell is good we can adapt our schedule and fit learning around it! I very often film so they can look at the footage and Taylor can think about his technique and style, we are always trying to provide tools for his learning and development along the way!
picture of taylor surfing
We go swimming on a Friday to the local community pool where Taylor and Mike have both recently achieved 100 lengths, Taylor also goes to football training on Monday and Thursday evenings.
One thing we like to do most days if Nell (our dog) doesn't get a run at the beach, is to walk around a circuit where we are staying, the owners dog Choco likes to come too, much to Taylor's delight!
picture of taylor with dogs
We are also learning Portuguese on Duolingo and Taylor is pleased to be miles ahead of his Dad!

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