Volcom Pipe Pro

Video of Volcom Pipe Pro 2017 - Finals day

What an awesome victory by Aussie Soli Bailey at the QS Volcom Pipe Pro!
Watching the quarter and semi's finals it looked like John John Florence would take the title for sure for an unprecedented fifth time! Or maybe Bruce Irons would continue his tube fest right through to the final!
But Soli Bailey adapted to the conditions so well snagging a double tube in the final and just looking so casual and in control!
I bet he is super stoked with the awesome trophy, 3000 points towards qualifying for the WSL world tour and of course the cash!Happy

Volcom presented a 60,000 dollars check to Boys and Girls Club and 16,000 dollars to Sion Memorial fund.
Volcom continue to prove themselves as a brand that really cares!Happy