Albee Layers amazing backside 540

After 12 months of trying Albee Layer was the first ever surfer to complete a backside 540!
Being one of the most complete surfers on the planet! He can charge huge waves at Jaws aka Pe'ahi as well as performing smaller wave tricks.

Albee actually completed the 540 once before but unfortunately it wasn't filmed! nightmare! Sad

But after many attempts which resulted in broken boards, ankle and heel injury's and as you can see in the video mental torture!
He landed it!

Albee sent the clip to Kelly Slater who scored him a 8.3 commenting that he could have done a couple more floaters after the 540! as the wave kept peeling Happy
Kelly completed the first frontside 540 in Portugal back in 2014 at the age of 44!

Albee believes that surfing is no where near its limits and more radicalness is still to come!
Albee hates competition surfing and wants to progress the sport how ever he can through his free surfing performances!

The boy certainly has very high limits and put himself out of the water for a month back in February with a hideous wipeout at Jaws.

The backside 540 video

Video of Albee surfing Jaws

Kelly's frontside 540 video